Thomas & Jaime

Sept. 26th

My daughter Kailee has been in Pinehurst , North Carolina for seven weeks now.  I am learning to find peace in her letters, comfort in the fact that she is on the Lord’s errand and most of all knowing that she truly does feel she is supposed to be serving a mission at this particular time in her life.

Each week her letters are filled with these amazing experiences she is having  and we are starting to get to know all the people she and her companion have grown to love and cherish.

I think we tend to get attached to the first person we try to help.  This particular mans’ name is Robert.  He is african american and probably about 52 years of age.  He is very large in weight and stature and has melted my daughter’s heart.    I knew she would love the african american people,  just as I do.  I grew up in Las Vegas , Nevada and they were EVERYWHERE.  There was no difference in color in my High School.  We considered all of the african american students as being like us.  They were a different color, they liked spicy food and I loved the way they talked.   Their hearts were the same as ours, and I just loved to be with them.

Where we live in Alpine, UT,  African American people are the minority.    I think she is loving the diversity she is experiencing and really learning to embrace their culture.  She has grown to love Robert and is praying that he will change his life and be baptized.  However, the chances of this happening are pretty slim.  Since he is the first person she challenged to be baptized, he will always have a special place in her heart.

Her next investigators are both blind and living together but they are just friends.   They are both 35 and have fallen in love with my daughter and her sweet companion Sister Dearden.  This conversion story has just torn at my heart-strings like nothing I have ever experienced.

I have realized that each week after I receive a letter from Sister Hogge, I am a better person than I was the day before.  I believe in angels,  and I believe that two angels together are definitely better than one.  Kailee has been blessed with an angel companion and the two of them together have many lives to change.  God bless her on her journey and may many hearts be changed or at least softened after they spend a day with Sister Hogge and Sister Dearden.

All My Love,

Wing 2, MOM









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