Today I woke up and the first thought I had was how grateful I am for my husband.  In the LDS religion we believe in getting patriarchal blessings.  When I was 14, I received my patriachral blessing.  I didn’t know much about them because their was no one in my family who had ever had  one before.

when I received a copy of my blessing and read it, it changed my life.  I have read it 100’s of times and I go back and reflect on it often.  The incredible words that are in it have changed me and guided my life in ways that I never thought possible.

There is s sentence in my blessing  that says:  “your husband will be a fortunate individual because you will love him very much”.  It also states  that I will be very close to my children and I will be able to help them tremendously  all of their lives.  Today I am so grateful for how much I love my husband and how much my relationship with him affects all the other relationships in my life.

when I see my children, I am so incredibly grateful for the  goodness that is in them.  The goodness that comes from God, the goodness that comes from their father and the incredible love that I am able to give them because of the love that Daren gives me.  Marriage is not easy, it is one of the hardest things I have ever done.  However, when it is done right, it is a beautiful thing.

When two people join together  in a marriage they begin a journey that is not theirs alone anymore.  Each step they take, each decision they make and each path they cross becomes stronger or weaker depending on the direction they take.   Marriage is like climbing a ladder.  You can  climb up, climb down or stay on the same step.  Whatever direction you take makes a difference in that person’s life.  The most beautiful thing about marriage is when the steps are taken with God at the top of the ladder both partners have the same goal and faith, hope and love lead them to the top.

To be grateful is being able to see the beauty, love and goodness that surrounds you and embracing all of the moments in your life that truly are gifts from God.






Author: lisahogge

I am mother of five, a grandmother of 5. a wife, a swim teacher, yoga teacher, Sales Lead at Chico's Boutique in Orem, Utah and a friend to all. I love warm baths, hot yoga, mountain runs and I pretty much exist on diet coke. I love to be around people, travel and eat at fancy restaurants. However, my favorite thing to do is to just be with my family( especially my significant other❤️)

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