When I was a little girl I used to dream that I wanted to be a famous singer when I grew up. ¬†My mom has no musical background and she is tone deaf. ¬†The chances of me becoming a professional singer were pretty slim. ¬†However, my dad’s sisters used to sing and perform together when they were young. ¬†Also, my grandma Turner loved to sing and play the ukulele. ¬†I am more like my dad than my mom, so I continue to have hope for my musical aspirations.

My music lessons consisted of one year of flute in the fifth grade band and one year of piano lessons as a teenager.  I have always found it fascinating that I love music as much as I do, even though my background was weak.

When my boys  were little they all played the violin.   Kailee, my only girl, learned to play the harp at the age of eight.  When she plays her harp, I feel incredible peace and know that heaven must be full of angels playing their harps at the entrance to heaven.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. ¬†A day to promote love and goodness. ¬†Yesterday more love songs were played than any other day, yesterday was a day of romance for so many people. ¬†I believe in Valentine’s Day. ¬† My father taught me that on Valentine’s Day your heart beats a little stronger. ¬†He always did the coolest things for my mom. He bought her candy, flowers, took her to dinner and always gave her the coolest card. ¬†One year when my mom was in her 80’s he bought her a gigantic card that filled up there entire living room. ¬†My dad is a true romantic and always showed my mom the most incredible kind of love‚̧

About six years ago I was asked to be the chorister for our church.  It was completely out of my league and I protested A LOT.  However, after a lot of prayer and Temple trips, I accepted the calling.  It was my greatest challenge, but also taught me to be patient and rely on the Lord.  I grew to love the calling and found a voice inside of my head screaming to come out.

I started taking voice lessons at this time and found that I was being challenged on a level that I had never experienced before. ¬†I started to enjoy singing and made some great strides. ¬†However, after about 18 months with the same teacher I knew it was time to make a change. ¬†It just wasn’t the right fit for me anymore.

Last December I found a new voice teacher.  Her name is Katheryn and she is kind, beautiful and makes feel good when I am in her presence.  When I am with her I want to be a better person.

My husband has been working in Frisco Texas for the last couple of months.  We have been going back and forth and my life has been in upheaval.  My only constant has been these voice lessons. The only peace I have truly had for three months is the days I sing with her.  I have decided to do FaceTime lessons with her when I am in Texas.  My first lesson is tomorrow.  I hope it goes well.

A dream is a wish the heart makes, when your fast asleep. “When words fail, music speaks”. ¬†I believe that music is the universal language and to live in this temporal world without it, would be a tragedy. ¬†Sometimes the only solace and peace I can ever find comes from a song that moves me.

My dream is to someday find a purpose in my singing and maybe even touch someone’s life by sharing the feelings that I hold deep in my heat. ¬†There is power in the sound of music and with the Saviors hand involved sweet sound can always fill your soulūüé∂.


Author: lisahogge

I am mother of five, a grandmother of 5. a wife, a swim teacher, yoga teacher, Sales Lead at Chico's Boutique in Orem, Utah and a friend to all. I love warm baths, hot yoga, mountain runs and I pretty much exist on diet coke. I love to be around people, travel and eat at fancy restaurants. However, my favorite thing to do is to just be with my family( especially my significant other‚̧ԳŹ)

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