I’ve realized that life has a way of changing in the blink of an eye.  There is a time to be born, a time to die, a time to love and a time to fear, a time to be happy and time to weep, a time to be grateful and a time to feel numb, a time to move forward and a time to stand still.

Today I have a choice:  I can choose how I am going to handle change.  Change is what happens to us when we just start feeling comfortable in our own skin.  Change comes in moments when we least expect it, and change, if handled right can make us a better person.

Happiness is a choice and sometimes the hardest choice to make.  It’s easier to be sad, mad, frustrated, envious, afraid, anxiety ridden, and full of despair.  However, these are Satan’s ways.  He has no body, he has no future and  his number one target is bring us to his level.  If we have acted upon our weakness, then he knows them.  He will do everything in his power to get us to sink to his level.  He’s wise, a smooth talker and he knows exactly what to do to empower us.

The good news is:  Christ’s power is stronger, wiser and infinitely the only way to true JOY.  Light has more power than darkness, obedience has more power than sin and  goodness always is the better choice.  Are we ever going to regret being nice?   Are we ever going to regret helping someone?  Are we ever going to regret loving another person instead of hurting them.

Today it is my choice to choose  who I want to be?  The only thing I truly have control over is my thoughts and my actions.  If I can go to bed tonight knowing that I served God, that I did not hurt anyone and that my thoughts were more positive than negative, then I believe that is success.

Where love is, there is God also.  What kind of person am I going to be today?  The choice is up to me?  What story am I going to write today?  What person am I going to help today?  Fear is Satan’s worst tool, and fear is thinking of yourself more than others.

The true key to finding joy is to lose yourself in the service of another human being.  To truly become one with Christ we have to put Him first, our spouse second and others third.  If this principle is applied, peace will envelope our souls, happiness will come, but the true blessing will be JOY, because JOY is knowing that there is something far greater than this life.  This life does matter and the choices we make today do matter.  The greater choices we make today will determine the level of peace we will have in the next life. If we knew what eternity was really like, we would all embrace mortality with a way different perspective.

Sometimes our blessings come through raindrops, sometimes our blessings come through fear, sometimes its the sleepless nights that teach us that it is our complete dependence on Him that grounds us to a level of complete humility.

So for today, I choose to embrace goodness, seek for peace, and pray that maybe today will help me to be a better person tomorrow.






Author: lisahogge

I am mother of five, a grandmother of 5. a wife, a swim teacher, yoga teacher, Sales Lead at Chico's Boutique in Orem, Utah and a friend to all. I love warm baths, hot yoga, mountain runs and I pretty much exist on diet coke. I love to be around people, travel and eat at fancy restaurants. However, my favorite thing to do is to just be with my family( especially my significant other❤️)

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