January 17th, 2017

Yesterday I was in Dallas Texas and my flight laid over in Minneoapolois, Minnesota.  My mind was engaged on seeing the mountains and feeling closer to home.  When I looked out the windows of my airplane I could see the snow capped mountains and I knew that home was close by.

I was born in Milford, Utah and we left there when I was one.  However, I was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.   I have amazing memories from growing up there.  In fact, my friends from Vegas are the dearest ones to my heart.  I love Las Vegas because I learned to embrace life there.  I came back to Utah at age 17 and have found an incredible peace here that invelops my soul in a way I cannot describe.

My heart is woven to these mountains.  I see there Beauty and I am grounded with a purpose to be a better person.  I run on trails that give me hope and  I dream that heaven looks a little bit like Alpine.

When I see the mountains above my home,  I want to be a better person.  I have ran to so many places here that inspire me to try harder.  The people that live by me also ground me with purpose, hope and a desire to live a higher law.

Yesterday, when I went to the baggage claim I felt complete peace.  My neighbor Kofi Johnson was behind me and greeted me with a smile that was big enough to make me want to smile even more.  He had just returned from Africa and he had the look of Christ in his eyes.  He had been serving people and loving the people in Ghana for 3 weeks.  He needed a ride home and I was there at just the right moment.  Dylan said that was a sign I was supposed to be home.  I had to agree.

My prayer is that I will never have to sell this home.  My prayer is that every room that I enter will be filled with a memory of how much I loved being here.  I am so eternally grateful that I am a Utah girl from Vegas and that’s what I’ll always be.  As Dorothy says:  There’s no place like home❤

Author: lisahogge

I am mother of five, a grandmother of 5. a wife, a swim teacher, yoga teacher, Sales Lead at Chico's Boutique in Orem, Utah and a friend to all. I love warm baths, hot yoga, mountain runs and I pretty much exist on diet coke. I love to be around people, travel and eat at fancy restaurants. However, my favorite thing to do is to just be with my family( especially my significant other❤️)

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